Saturday, 18 May 2013


Good Night world, good night my blog.

My lovely blog Im sorry that never visit you again, is it too late ? Hahahah no problem, the most important that Im still remember. You know that Im different right now. I mean, I'm not only student right now but I'm officer too. so i don't have many time again.

In this early morning 2:00 Am in May, 19 2013 I wanna share my story again.

I just want to share that I'm happy now, maybe it could be everyday. Because I have someone that could guide me, who care to me, who always beside me when I want, perfect to me. let's call "X" for the people that i dispatch. X is not my love hahaha because X is a man. Im still searching a girl ckkcckck LOL

He is just like my old blood brother right now. he always treat me just like his young brother.
I get a affection that I need like young brother to old brother. He is best guider right now to me. I will always listen what he will be says to me, cause I know it will be positive to me. thanks God you gave him to me as like my blood brother.

But on one day he talked me and tell me directly that he will leave, leave this city, leave our friends, leave all, he will back to home and he will leaves me. Im trying to do not cry in front of him. I know I'm too childish in everytime but I think I can't to do not cry when I listened. Why ? why when I got my old blood brother always like that. As you know I'm crying when I'm writing this blog.

I couldn't survive without him right now. he always gives me good advice in other I can be better than before.
at this time, I just want to say to you that I'm so thank you that you always be you to me too all our friends. I respect to you from my deepest heart.

I'm never crying like this in front of you because of your self. But I believe that I'll be hard crying when the time that you will be leave us is coming.

thanks for everything and thankful God you met me with him, my old blood brother
Brother hood

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