Thursday, 2 October 2014


Hay, I don’t know, I feel this is still not real. It looks as though we were together just now. His voice is still clearly heard, I still see his face around. I don’t understand when it will have been stoped haunting me. You might think that it’s not my time any more to feel grief, but it is real, no pretending  at all. Sometimes when remember everything about him could make me to not breathe for a second. The photos, memories just help me go through the situation when I miss him a lot. It’s hard and hurt, Maybe this is the hardest time for me in entire of my life thus I am still tramping everyday and This is the first time I lost someone . I used to be with him through the days alongside him. I used to have lunch, dinner, no breakfast (haha because we didn’t) together everyday sometimes with other friends and it made such wonderful memories for me. I long for him, so much! For me he was an angel. God sent him for me to just make me being so blessed, I am so thankful for that.