Wednesday, 31 December 2014



2 DAN 3 [ Saya tidak menunggu dan menginginkan untuk ujian selanjutnya, tapi saya harus siap untuk itu. Saya tidak bodoh karena saya sudah banyak belajar (ikhlas) dari ujian SEBELUMNYA, makanya ujian hari ini saya bisa senyum. 23 tahun saya sudah belajar, saya pikir itu sudah cukup untuk tidak menjadi bodoh menjawab soal-soal ujian ]

2 AND 3 [ I am not waiting and wishing about the next exams, but I have to be ready for it. I am not foolish, I learned (sincerity) a lot from the LAST exam, thus I could smile for exam today. I have learned about 23 years and I think that's enough to not be foolish in answering the exam questions ]

I think it was nice speech 😊


[ 2014 ] Many things I learned in this wonderful year. This year is different and would be my one of hardest, incredible, loveable, memorable, absolutely all in one in a year. How come, there were some first things ever just happened in my life. For instance traveled abroad alone to prove to myself about my strength!! Being a witness about the death of the person I dear, lose the only valuable stuff I had particularly it was lost on birthday, painful!! However I am still lucky and so thankful because apparently those are nothing when I realized that all my list made in 2013 for 2014 have come true, got a checklist. Below I share my list :

1. Travel more as much as possible✔
2. Get my bachelor (fee tuition by my self)✔
3. Goethe for german language (to be continued in 2015 for my next goal)✔
4. IELTS class (to be continued in 2015 for my next goal) ✔
5. More books for my collection ✔
6. Get better in career (at least) ✔
7. Etc... ✔
So when I realized that I've got it all, whatever bad things just happened to me, it doesn't matter when I look back that all my goals this year have been in my hands, moreover I am still surrounded by amazing family and wonderful friends!! Thanks my Allah for always loving me. In the end we have to evaluate whether we have been being better person? Have you really learned from every single moment? Only can be answered by yourself. Last but not least I wanna say that life is tough, but I keep walking though. Now I have few hours to make my own goals in 2015. Excited!!

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