Monday, 13 June 2011

11 juni 2011

haloha back again on my blog, just wanted to share my story about my satnite last week. Saturday night is the night different from last week (satnite unplaned) everything planned, everything has been arranged schedule. like, laughing yeah, let alone full, Saturday night this time I have to thank Dewanti deh, we will treat treat miss home cooking, although much of it then we are far behind Stand up to cimahi for water spinach vegetable and salted fish

-first destination CIMAHI-
dari atas kiri ke bawah kiri (kak kiki, saya, kak dewa, bang basten, vita, via, bang ikhsan, minus bang ijal yang belum datang)

-Next destination PVJ-
-Last destination BOBER-
so it was really fun time with my friends, love it

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